Gate sees record level of activity during 2018


During the year 2018 Gate terminal in Rotterdam (joint venture Gasunie and Vopak) performed a record level of 104 ship operations. Gate unloaded 8.3 million m3 of LNG from 54 vessels (of which 17 transshipments) and loaded 3.9 million m3 of LNG on 23 large vessels (of which 17 transshipments) and 27 small vessels.
Vessels arrived from a wide range of countries, including Algeria, Angola, France, Norway, Peru, Qatar, Russia and the US. Vessels went amongst others to Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, India, Pakistan, South-Korea, UAE, while the smaller vessels went to Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Spain.
The customers holding capacity in Gate nominated 2.5 BCM for regasification into the GTS gas grid (the national gas transmission network in the Netherlands).
Gate also loaded a record 2808 trucks mainly for distribution all over Europe.

Gate is currently looking for expressions of market interest in increasing its capacity by 2 BCM/a as well as for interest in an additional small scale jetty.